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From the classic cottage to the elegant “not so small” cottage / estate, Reece Carter has a passion for creating new houses that feel like timeless classics. Reece has dedicated his career to discovering what makes spaces appealing and finding ways to recreate these qualities in more modern and efficient ways. His hope is that each design is a combination of the romanticism of history with the application of the way we live today.


With over 20 years in the building industry, he began with his design and build career taking him around the world. Not only was he involved in rigorous study programs, but he applied those studies as a Structural Engineering Technician while serving in the US Military as an Air Force Combat Engineer. It was there that he was directed by his seniors to pursue the voices in his head to challenge the 'mouse-trap' at hand and to see if there was not a better way. 


He and his wife, Rhonda, are raising 2 amazing boys and that is a story within itself that he's glad to share in an instant. Together, they are plugged into their own Johns Creek, Georgia neighborhood and community and growing their local church. It is in these things and his business life that that he's discovered and learned that all things are possible... and, so, here we are.



“Reece is not only a remarkable (designer), he is a great human being… I felt taken care of both within the physical infrastructure he was designing and my comfort level as he managed my project. He asked poignant questions and really spent extra time and energy to ensure my requests were filled and my desires within the infrastructure met. I was and am very proud of his work, proud to call him a friend and will continue to refer him to friends, family and colleagues.” 

Kelly Callahan


“...(He) captured the vision from briefings with the leadership team and in the single fewest revisions I have ever experienced and nailed the design concept...” 

Jason Boles


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